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Welcome to MichBuilder!

With over 55 years building experience, Livonia Builders and Breault Homes have developed a winning formula with flourishing sales, even in a down real estate market. We have built and sold hundreds of homes since January 2007, and since 1970 have built thousands.

MichBuilder has been able to produce great homes with excellent standard features at foreclosure prices and that is a winning combination for our customers.

In 2007 we met with our contractors and suppliers and talked about what our philosophy was going to be moving forward. We concluded that we must offer standard features that exceed our customers expectations at pricing that keeps them from looking at the competition.

Currently our competition isn't other builders; it is the used housing market and foreclosures. We need to make sure that the home buyer can get into our homes and not want the others after seeing what we offer.

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In other news...

Cherry Hill Village Phase 8 is under way! For information, please call (734) 397-9600 Ext. 1.